My name is Wilson.

I build beautiful things,
as designer, developer,
creator, entrepreneur.


2019 - PresentCo-founder / Developer

Confetti is a habit tracker designed to celebrate your everyday accomplishments. Originally designed by Dan Sapio, I partnered with him to develop the app in React / React Native and bring it to life.

Compound Savings


Compound Savings is an interface that allows users to visualize and interact with their Compound DAI balances, inspired by popular roboadvisors. I built the proof-of-concept using React / Web3.js on Ethereum (Kovan).

Dharma Seed Player

2019 - PresentCreator

Dharma Seed is a not-for-profit organization that maintains an amazing archive of 25K+ talks about meditation and mindfulness. I built an iOS app to make it easier for people to browse through, listen to, and download these talks.

Power On / Power Off

2017 - PresentPartner & VP Operations

Power On / Power Off creates the highest quality supplement products that optimize cognitive performance through neurochemistry. I currently help operate and grow the company alongside the original creators of the products.


2016 - PresentDesigner / Developer

リピート is a Japanese language spaced-repetition system. Compared to popular products like Anki, リピート is designed to test users for their ability to produce instead of recognize, as well as include tests for verb and adjective conjugations.

Modus Nutrition

2015 - 2019Co-founder & VP Operations

Modus Nutrition created the first plant-based protein powder that was better for whey for high performance athletes. I helped create the product and brand, launch it, and grow it to dozens of professional teams in the NHL, MLB and NFL.

Medcan Naweza

2014 - 2015Analyst, Special Projects

Medcan Naweza is a humanitarian initiative aimed to improve access to healthcare in rural Kenyan clinics. I was part of the business / operations team, focusing on design research, optometry, and technology-based solutions.